Welcome to MegaVision Software

We are a small indie software house currently working on retro-inspired RPG "Mystic Land: The Search for Maphaldo". It all started back in 1993 when two best friends decided that they wanted to take over the world by writing the best MS-DOS RPG game called "The Mystic Land".
They worked on the game for several years, writing the story, the lore, creating a few tech demos in between, investing their hard earned money in order to create graphics and concept art for the game, and everything looked to be going in the right direction. Even legendary company Sir-Tech (publisher of even more legendary Wizardry RPG series) showed an interest to publish the game in 1994 and morale was high among the two developers.
Sadly though, they were both teenagers back then and life had different plans for them both. And so, Mystic Land project was "shelved" indefinitely.

But, after almost 30 years, the two got back together and decided that given they are both now at the wrong side of their 40s ... it's time to finish what they started.
And so, here we are. We are now a group of 5, working tirelessly in order to finally, FINALLY bring Mystic Land to life.

And by the way... we are still determined for it to be the best old school fantasy role playing game ever.

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