MegaVision news


Mystic Land: The Search for Maphaldo is now on GOG as well.
You can wishlist it here: Mystic Land GOG store page


Added few new screenshots and links to our Youtube page (you can find it here).
Also, Mystic Land is now available on Steam. You can wishlist it here: Mystic Land Steam page


Added few items to FAQ section and a few new screenshots.


FAQ section added to the web site. We'll try to address the most frequent asked questions there. We also added few more screenshots to Mystic Land section.


We successfully passed the Steam verification so you can expect Mystic Land: Search for Maphaldo Steam page in just a week or two.


Mystic Land: Search for Maphaldo is currently scheduled to be released sometimes during 2024 for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
Although this is only our estimate and wish, as the game will not be released until it's polished and ready.


This website was just uploaded so come back for more content about MegaVision and our games soon...